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Being a Realtor is about so much more than making deals and finding unique properties. It is also about helping others find their happiness in the safe haven they get to call home. Ramona Biggs gets to facilitate this process in her capacity as a Realtor in both Georgia and Florida. Her love for houses and architecture merges with her passion for people to culminate in her selfless commitment to serve others and relentless desire to contribute to their happiness.

Ramona has an educational background in Marketing which translates into a meticulous and methodical approach that proves useful in the selling process. She is also experienced in customer service having previously worked at a hospital and on the frontline of customer service for an international non-profit company. This then translates into exceptional hands-on input and valuable skills including active listening, clear-cut communication, and integrity that she injects into every transaction.

While embracing the flexibility and freedom that comes with being her own boss and being in control of her own professional destiny, Ramona never loses sight of the fact that it is only by securing her clients’ satisfaction and building their trust that she can then inspire brand loyalty and establish a positive reputation. Drawing from her experience working with international investors to acquire properties, rehab them from conception to finish and sell them, and driven by her tenacity, savviness, and penchant for honesty, Ramona is focused on personalized service while producing unparalleled results.

Ramona enjoys giving back to the community and volunteering at homeless outreach centers as much as she can. She feels that the true stamp of her character is to serve those who are less fortunate.